Lookbook for Artist Mustang Jane

I took these photos to help textile artist Mustang Jane promote her work on gender equality.

Our goal in the first set of shots was to convey empowerment, beauty, and self-assertion. Mustang Jane created this piece to shed light on the working conditions of many women who work long, dull, and low-paid hours in the manufacturing industry in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. She redesigned a lab coat, which is the typical uniform of the manufacturing industry, to challenge the monotonous nature of the manufacturing industry with self-expression and creative freedom.

The second set of photos focus on a blouse she created from scratch and embroidered on it the legend, "Ni una más," which means "Not one more." Many women in Ciudad Juarez, and all over the world, have been victims of gender violence, and through her art, Mustang Jane reminds us of this issue.  We decided to shot these photos in highly symbolic places of Ciudad Juarez such as the desert, the US-Mexico border fence, and cotton fields. 

Before the shooting session, Mustang Jane and I sat down to discuss the locations and the look we wanted to portray.  This planning and brainstorming process was central to achieve these results.

Thank you for the class and I hope you like these shots! 










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