Look great by wedding day

My wedding is July 12th of this year, that being the most time pending goal.  But beyond just that, I want to look and feel great for the rest of my life.  

In terms of going down that path, I am on the last leg of my Whole30 dietary reset for the second time!  (Started Jan 1st) With a healthy diet down, I really want to commit myself to working out, as diet and exercise do go hand in hand.  Additionally to my foods, I have started to read It Starts With Food, which is encouraging me to actually learn the science behind food and it's affect on our bodies.

To commit myself to exercise I have goaled myself to workout 4x a week.  So far I have alternated between running and yoga.  I have a dream to run a half marathon this year, so that is keeping me on track for running, but my next goals are to integrate some lifting and body weight exercises to sculpt the rest.

So far I have lost an inch in the waist.  That's the only form of measurement I am looking for, weight isn't important to me, aside from how I feel... and I feel great!


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