Look Up

Look Up - student project

Sometimes the best parts of a walk or journey are just above eye level. I would like to make a map that considers that concept. 

The map could be:

1. A journey map through manhattan and brooklyn of points where to look upwards towards the sky or architecture

Look Up - image 1 - student project

2. A sky map of locations to best see celestial events in Maine ( my second favorite place outside of the city)

Look Up - image 2 - student project

3. A map that be DIY. It would give  a set of instructions i.e, Walk three block then make a left, look up, what do you see? Almost like a discovery map.

Still working out some of the details.

I would love to do a map of places I love to eat and frequent in Brooklyn but I feel like that has been so over done. Perhaps if I think hard on it more ideas will come.

Any feedback apprecaited.