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Look Good Fall 2012

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Fall is my favorite season.  I’ve got my reasons, but not the least of which is that Fall is primetime for menswear.  The dipping temperatures welcome added layers to each day’s look which makes everything more fun! As is the case in all great design, utilizing both form and function always delivers the best results. So as you prepare your Fall looks you’ll want something that not only looks and feels great but also delivers flexible functionality.  This means leveraging your layers for both warmth and comfort but also for visual interest.  Things like color and pattern obviously add visual interest to a look, but so does the texture of the materials used.  When you can get it all working in harmony you’ve got yourself a killer look that will get compliments for days!  In putting together my look I wanted to try to do what I just described while also representing my own personal taste/collection (I own nearly everything in this collection) and also keep my selections in a price range that could realistically be implemented by anybody that likes this stuff.  Sure, suiting up in Alden brogues and a nice rolex is always a great look but chances are very few can actually afford to drop that kinda scratch.  Some of my selections are pricier than others but with the proper care each of them will literally last a lifetime...and get better with age.  Well worth the investment when you look at it like that.  So here goes, without further adieu here is my Fall “Look Good” collection:

  1. J. Crew Flannel ($69) - Okay, so this isn’t a solid color and may (slightly) go against what we heard in lecture about basics.  With that said, there is nothing more basic when it comes to Fall shirting than a great fitting flannel in this killer red plaid.  It evokes a bit of lumberjack but differentiates itself from Mr. Bunyan and his cohorts in the fit.  Slim fitting and just short enough to comfortably leave untucked if desired.  As we know, fit is key.  When wearing bright colors or bold patterns, the difference between looking sharp and looking like a costume is fit.  The flannel is a little thicker and fuzzier than your traditional cotton oxford but that’s why its great for fall! It will keep you warm and that texture of the shirt will look great with the other elements of the outfit.  
  2. Baldwin Denim Henley Raw Selvedge ($220) - This is perhaps the best pair of denim you will ever find.  Since everybody has a unique shape and preference for fit there may be some outliers but generally speaking these guys got it right.  First, the material.  This pair of jeans is constructed out of a 14 oz Japanese selvedge denim, which is the best stuff on earth.  For those new to selvedge, this qualifier simply refers to the weaving method.  Selvedge is made exclusively on old school shuttle looms that weave a tighter material with each edge of the fabric being completely sewn together greatly reducing the risk of fraying or unraveling of the weave.  This method combined with the heavier weight of the material (most jeans probably range 8-10 oz) make these things nearly bullet proof (and perfect for staying warm on cool days).  Since they are raw (untreated/unwashed) it will take a few wears to break them in and you will want to size down 1-2 sizes.  But soon enough they will be as soft as butter and fit you like a glove.  The Henley is their slim straight fit, which looks tailored through the hips and thighs without getting that “stuffed sausage” look we’ve all seen too many times.  They come in a standard 36” inseam so be prepared to have them hemmed, cuffed, or just be really tall.  However, you slice it you will look great in these jeans and as an added bonus you won’t be one of a hundred people in them everywhere you go.  They are a small shop based in Kansas City, making everything by hand in the USA. How can you not love that?! Also, I’m into their trademark single white rivet on the back pocket. Simple, understated, but still a small detail that gives their otherwise clean look a little personality.  
  3. 1901 Suede Wingtips ($99) - As I mentioned before, I would love to slide into a pair of fresh Alden’s every time I lace up. Not happening. Nordstrom’s 1901 line of dress shoes bring some serious bang for your buck. I chose these suede wingtips in grey because it was a neutral color that would likely go with a number of other looks but was also outside the traditional color scheme for shoes like this. They do have a rubber sole (sorry Akaash!) which won’t hold up quite like a leather sole but on the bright side you will be able to sneak up on people a lot easier!  Getting back to the topic of texture, suede is very fall appropriate.  Obviously, it’s going to have a rougher, nubbier feel than your traditional leather shoe but the imperfections in the grain and way they wear in over time gives these shoes a big boost in the character department.  I wouldn’t trade mine for double what they’re worth now that I’ve made them my own.  On the subject of personalization, one of the other things I really like about the 1901’s is that they offer quite a few really cool color combo’s that give a traditional shoe a very hip feel.  Part of that can come through the laces.  They sell a variety of colored laces for about $4 a pop so there’s no excuse not to buy a few.  For this particular look I’d go with the red laces I think.  It will make the grey suede pop, bring the eye down forcing people to take in everything on the way (which is good as long as you’re keeping everything else looking fresh) and ties back to your red shirt which demonstrates some thought and makes it all feel cohesive.  Also, because the flannel can make this look feel a little more rugged, wearing a refined shoe like this can keep you out of the woods and in the city where you belong.
  4. Levis’ Belt ($44) - Simple brown belt. We’ve talked a bit about color and texture, but another important element is dimension. If you’ve ever seen a dude with a big, wide spread collar rocking a skinny tie you know what I’m talking about. It looks off.  The same element can be applied here. Because most of the materials we’re using here are heavy and textured it might look a little off to have an overly polished, thin belt.  You need a belt that can hold its own against your other clothes.  This one does the job well without calling attention.  Dark brown and silver with a substantial but not overly large buckle.  ‘Nuff said.  
  5. Nixon Mellor ($125) - Some watches never go out of style. You can’t really go wrong with a simple, silver watch. When people started getting into the old vintage watches on colorful nylon straps I discovered the leather straps on this watch could be swapped out so I now wear this with a blue-ish gray nylon band but switch it up from time to time. The face isn’t as dark as it appears in the picture but gives a really cool, modern aviator kinda vibe with the shape and face markings.  A lot of people are doing the same thing with Timex watches but I’m from the West Coast and still like to rep some of the cool brands I grew up with like Nixon.  This one just happens to feel a lot more mature and stylish than most of their skate-centric stuff.  
  6. Club Monaco Quilted Vest ($169) - Let’s talk layers!  I’ve been into vests lately for really the first time ever.  I had no idea what I was missing.  They keep you surprisingly warm for something with no sleeves and look really cool when you do it right.  The reason I chose this vest from Club Monaco is that the fit is killer.  It’s tailored to come in on the sides so if you choose to wear it on its own you can still look as sharp as you want.  I’ve seen some guys even pull this on over slacks and a tie and it looks so nice! The quilting adds a nice bit of visual contrast almost like a pattern but very understated. Also, this is a much more refined material than much of what we’re wearing at this point so it can help smooth out any wool or tweed or flannel. The brass buttons add a little bit of rustic bling to the look and the corduroy collar again bringing another texture and added functionality (warmth).  
  7. Uniqlo Double Breasted Trench ($69) - Now, we all know that Fall weather is a bit unpredictable.  I personally would love to walk out the door with my flannel sleeves rolled once or twice and just my vest to keep me warm but occasionally there are more blustery days that call for a little reinforcement.  The trench is a classic coat that will help keep the wind (and rain as appropriate) off your back. Cinch it up and don’t be afraid to pop that big collar up to shield yourself from Mother Nature.  Doing so in no way puts you in the same category as popping the collar to your polo shirt...which I in no way endorse. You can’t go wrong with a nice khaki color. Very classic and it will go well with virtually anything you wear under it.  It happens to complement the dark green vest and red flannel beautifully and provide a clean contrast to the dark denim.
  8. Archival Field Bag ($190) - Allow me to introduce you to one of the sturdiest, manliest bags you can own.  Before I start hearing “murse” talk let’s clear the air.  This is a messenger type bag. A little more stylish in my opinion...almost like the beautiful love child of a briefcase and a messenger bag.  As a disclosure, I don’t own this item.  I do however own the Archival Rucksack in the same waxed canvas material.  These are all made by hand and use a heavy duty waxed canvas in construction.  Waxed canvas is another one of those fabrics that gets so much better with age and will do a great job protecting its contents as it is water proof.  Additionally, the bridle leather and hardware used are the real deal.  I honestly feel like I could saddle a horse with my rucksack and it would hold up without issue...not sure how that would work but you get the point.  Don’t worry about smudging or scuffing it because each mark adds to the legacy of this bag (trust me, you’ll have it a LONG time). It’s the kind of piece I could see myself handing down to my son one day and telling him about these old things called laptops we used to heft around in the good ol’ days.  It is very simple, and well constructed.  Although simple, the true character comes from the waxed canvas and the stunning patina it will develop over time.  On top of all that stuff, the dark leather will complement the belt nicely and the brass hardware offers a quiet shout-out to the buttons on your vest.  Holla!
  9. Persol 649 ($300) - On those sunny fall days I can’t be squinting so I reach for one of the most iconic shades of all time.  Persol glasses are made in Italy by hand and each pair feels like a million bucks.  They have a lot of different styles so you can easily find something you like.  With that said, I feel like this is the shape that defines Persol.  The 649 has been worn by the likes of Steve McQueen, James Dean, and Marlon Brando.  Hard to compete with that gang!  They are a really cool tortoise shell pattern that is the best I’ve seen yet.  The nose bridge has a unique key hole shape and both arms adorned with just a touch of shiny metal.  Super comfortable, super classic.  These guys will never go out of style.  With that said, there are options like the Ray Ban Wayfarer that is equally iconic and a bit cheaper.  However, everyone and their mom now wears them so in that way they’ve lost a touch of their cool factor (disclosure: I do have a pair and wear them in rotation).  If you want to spend a little more to get something unique and very well made you can’t go wrong with Persol.  
  10. Giles & Brother Railroad Spike Cuff ($88) - This is something I would classify as a personality piece.  I always look for ways to inject my outfits with a bit of my own personality and style beyond just the clothes I’m wearing.  Some guys may not be really comfortable wearing “jewelry” yet but this was an easy one to pick up.  First, it’s super manly. I mean, it’s a railroad spike...not much the guys can poke fun at there.  Also, I really like the juxtaposition that this cuff represents.  It’s old but new.  A symbol of hard work and industry but also repurposed into something more refined.  To me it has personal symbolism that inspires me and I think that is one of the coolest parts of curating your own pieces...each will have meaning and you will eventually have a whole closet full of stuff that inspires you to be your best self.  Beyond that, I get tons of compliments on this cuff because it is very unique and that’s never a bad thing.  

Ok, that completes my look! I know this turned out to be crazy long but I wanted to give details for each piece and why I chose what I did.  I am happy to answer any follow up questions people might have and would obviously love to hear what you guys think in the comments/likes.  It might seem like a lot but this is a look that realistically anybody could pull off with a little planning. 

Best of luck to everyone!


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