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Look, Feel, and Function Your Best

What do I want to fix & Why?  Why build a brand?

For Others: I want people who are frustrated and miserable with their appearance, their phsyical functionality, and their behaviors to advance their happiness through fitness. 
I want others to own the health challenges they have at present.  I want to lead them to trade up to more helpful and healthful behaviors and habits.  
I want to get frustrated people to a healthier, hotter, more functional and happier version of themselves.
For Self: I want to understand for myself my identity and be able to present to others inspiration to help them achieve goals.  I want to embody the struggle that clients face and the success they can achieve.  
Who am I trying to reach?  And why?
20's and up individuals who are not happy with their health.  People who are suffering physically and/;or psychologically and want to upgrade be a better looking and feeling version of themself.

My Superpowers : 
Showing enthusiasm for health to clients and eliciting it from them
Getting excited and expressive about small things like the pelvic floor muscles.  
Having genuine empathy for people but also giving them my real opinion even when it's harsh.  
Patience for challenges, Urgency for effort and focus.
Tenacity - I follow up and support goal progress and achievement.
Analytical, Pushing aggressively but balancing this with genuine empathy.
Dose of Reality that we are here to enjoy life - let's find balance between the hard work and play
Listening and changing my support and strageties - keeping the feedback loop open and functional
Who is your tribe? What do they think about? Why? 
They are frustrated with looking fat or weak.  They are feeling fat, slow, tired, and in pain.  They have good intentions for health but are busy and stressed.  
Want to upgrade to a better physical and mental state.  
Don't know how to get there.  
Frustrated with their efforts (or lack thereof).  
Want a solution that is efficient and yields obvious results.
Worried about the time and effort needed to feel and look better.  
Eager to change but have barriers.  Major time constraints - they allow 'urgent' matters to take presedence over 'important' ones. 
If they could pay someone to workout and eat better for them they would.  They don't want to put in the time and effort, they want results.
They don't really like working out, and showing up is the hardest part.  They doubt that the payoff is worth the annoyance.   If they can find pleasure in something they have been avoiding they might be able to make it a habit.
Under social pressure to look good.


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