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Look Ahead & Believe

So I had a couple different quotes I wanted to do but I was really having a hard time picking which to do and I just was given a project (I pretty much volunteered) to paint signs on the windows outside our "offices" at work so I figured I would combine these two projects. So while it is not a quote I still think this will work. I want this to look like the old painted store frot signs. i found some examples that I really like and samples of different types of fonts I hope to incorporate.

For this project I will use the main sign. One the top I want "The Trifecta if Awesomeness" and under that in a triangle"Graphics, Print, Mail" with either an ampersand or the first letter of each word intertwined. 

For my sketchesI decided to go with Trifecta since that is the easiest to represent visually. I realized after I photographed them that I forgot the "C"in the ornate one. I already had to redo two of the others because I forgot that darn "c" but now I am out of time. :(

Sorry about the quality of the photos. We just moved and my scanner is still in a box somewhere.

Thumbnails and sketches and final sketch:

Some of my sketch pictures wouldnt come out but I got most of the thumbnails. The final is really a fraction of the size of what I want the final project to be so my next step will be enlarging it. Joyness! I also found that the Trifecta of Awesome was more widely used than Trifecta of Awesomeness....who knew! I have to admit it does help a lot with spacing.


Sorry again for the bad resolution. Hopefully tomorrow I will find the box with the scanner.

Well I decided to go a different way with this. Work is pretty crazy right now so painting the window wont be happening anytime soon. 

I decided to continue with the old window sign feel but instead I am going with a quote I recently became obsessed with. Also I LOVE ampersands, I don't know what it is but I do, and this quote can have one. It is "Look Ahead & Believe." I heard it from a man giving a talk in a big meeting for my church. Long story made short, we can learn from the past but it's not good to stay there. Especially if it is to wallow in past mistakes. The future is full of bright possibilities so look ahead, work hard, and believe that all will turn out awesome!

I did a few sketches and filled them in to kind of get an idea of colors and feel.

  I looked at a few ampersands but I think Caslon 450 Italic will always be my favorite.

I decided that the script font was too thin so I tweeked it.....alot.

Final Sketch:

I still have a little to clean up and it definitely needs some flourishes in the corner.


Ok I toned down the 'h' made some small adjustments to a letter or two and added some flourishes. I wanted the flourishes to have the look of old glass signs and coincide with the talk the quote came from. The man told a story about how he worked in the fields with his mom so I made the flourishes kind of wheat-ish. I don't know if it was a wheat field but it is easily recognizable and there is quite a few parables of wheat so I thought it was appropriate.

I did three versions with different darkened elements but I think I like the third one best.

Sorry, graphite and camera flash are not friends...either that or they like each other too much. Either way its distracting.

Since my first sketches I like the ampersand dark. It sets it apart from the text and it brings it forward more. The lighter ampersand hides behind the text and it is too important to hide.

Next step: inking but I would like some feedback if anyone has more suggestions.


Yay! Inking done and all is scanned. Lessoned learned: Don't make you project to size if it is bigger than a standard scanner. I had to bring it to work to scan.

I did these in layers.



That last one is some swishes I decided to test out. I was worried adding anything would make it all too busy.

Here is is all together

Sans swishes.

It still has places that need to be cleaned up but over all I am pretty happy about it.

I decided to play with some color. I was trying to mimic gold foil as that is what I eventually want to use on the glass. Obviously I need to tweak it a little.

I still want to play around with colors but I am so happy I got it all scanned in. I just wanted to share and see what kind of feedback or suggestions I can get.

Thanks for checking it out.


Did some tweaking and messed with some colors. I still feel like there is a lot to still clean up but I don't want to lose the hand drawn look. Also if I don't step away I wont have anytime to finish all the Christmas presents I have yet to make.

I like the depth the one with the green background has but in the end I think I like the one color no background version best. Out of all the colors I tried yellow felt like the easiest on the eyes.


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