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Loo Locater

I have the smallest bladder ever. I'm always on the move and I always need a restroom, the cleaner the better.

I also like to travel a lot. Big cities are my favorite but even though they are everywhere, sometimes they are the hardest places to find a bathroom, or someone willing to share their bathroom with you. 

This is a bit of a life hack, not just a restroom locator, but a general overview of ways to find bathrooms, tips on travel, or culture so that it can work in any country. 

For example, I lived in Paris for 10 months and I didn't have a smartphone...uh oh. They weren't as prevalent then plus I could really only afford a cheaper phone on a monthly plan. So you gotta plan ahead! Think of places you might want to look to use a bathroom. Know where all the starbucks, libraries, free museums are in the neighborhood so you can use a toilet! Get cultured while you're out there!


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