Longshanks, Girth, and Keen


It's a retelling of the fairy tale, I don't have a real title yet, but I do have the desire to make it the first in a series of fairy tale retellings that tie together:


Theme: Good leaders serve the people, work along side the people, and protect their rights.


Summary: Prince of a prosperous kingdom goes out into the world to discover how to be a good leader. He meets/rescues three strange fellows who have abnormal gifts that make them the target of persecution. He falls in love with the leader of the nomad’s daughter, who is also magically gifted. She is kidnapped and taken to a rival kingdom. He wants to save her. His three friends help him win against the evil king of the rival kingdom. Protagonist learns to be a better leader by seeing the hardships and horribleness of the other kingdom.


  1. The good kingdom, it’s normal to have people from all over travel to trade, sell, and make prosperous business. People have many freedoms and are not restricted. Many strange/magical/ cursed people come to the kingdom for protection. But there is some biased and bigoted feelings towards these people (the current king is pushing for equality)
  2. Prince does not agree with father’s sentiments for freedom and rights for the strange and cursed people. He wants to enslave them for power to the royal class and protect the normal people from their side effects. Best friend, prince from another kingdom that oppresses these people and has the laws that the prince wants for his own kingdom.
  3. Prince questions his beliefs when he rescues three strangers who are being attacked by a mob of angry villagers. The strangers are helpless, kind, and harmless to others, but are cursed. He questions this again when he meets the daughter of the leader of the Northern Nomads, known for their powers and abilities. He is drawn to her beauty. The prince of the other kingdom also likes the daughter, but more so for her powers and abilities. He kidnaps her to use in his own kingdom.
  4. The main prince (MP) needs to learn to stand up against the other prince. The MP is smart, a skilled sword fighter, and strong, but he has a bias/prejudice towards the non normal people. He overcomes this by the help from the three fellows he saved earlier and their skills.
  5. The Bad Prince (BP) captures MP and his companions. He enslaves them all to different menial tasks within the kingdom. MP is locked in a prison and shackled while the companions are put to work with the other non normal people. The MP decides to escape and challenge BP to a fight. BP reveals he has magic abilities from his belt and uses it to defeat MP.
  6. MP is now enslaved among the non normal and is reunited with his three fellows. He resigned himself to being a slave forever. His companions try to talk him into escaping and returning back to his kingdom. He toys with the idea of it, until he sees the terrible conditions that the people of the BP’s kingdom are in, and not just the non normals, but everyone.
  7. MP is desperate for a plan to save not just himself, but everyone in the kingdom. He realizes he must utilize the gifts of his companions to overthrow the magic belt of the BP. In order to do this, he must convince them that they are not cursed, but blessed.
  8. MP challenges BP. BP issues the challenge that if MP can keep the daughter of the leader from leaving the room all night for three nights, he can have her and return home. The companions use their abilities to track her down each time she vanished. Each time they thwarted the BP, one band on his belt (three bands) broke. After the third band broke, the daughter turns and curses the BP, turning him into a black crow.
  9. MP takes over BP’s kingdom and begins to change the laws to be similar to the ones his father made. His father and him work together to add the BP’s kingdom to their own land and award each fellow an earldom. The daughter and MP get married.


Katie Fabian
Illustrator and Writer