Long Beach 2 Los Angeles/LB-2-LA.........Bridging the gap between Long Beach & Los Angeles through a Cityscape Photo Essay. | Skillshare Projects



Long Beach 2 Los Angeles/LB-2-LA.........Bridging the gap between Long Beach & Los Angeles through a Cityscape Photo Essay.

The Project Cover Photo is in Long Beach and the lonely bench caught my attenion as I passed by. Shot with an Iphone5 and edited with VSCOcam. 

The parking structure is in Little Tokyo, which is in downtown Los Angeles. The light between the trees really attracted my eye and I really like the repetition of pillars. Shot with an Iphone5 and edited with VSCOcam. 

This is a photo of Long Beach Civic Center. I shot it from the 6th floor of a parking structure and I wanted the frame to be clear of any people, but when I spotted the lady with a red sweater I felt like she made the shot more dynamic. For this photo I used a Canon PowerShot SX230Hs, emailed the photos to myself, edited them withVSCOcam. 

The photo of the red fence is in downtown Los Angeles and it was one of the few places along the sidewalk devoid of homeless people in the Skid Row Area. The light was calling me and I saw a vivid red against the natural bue sky so I shot it (sorry TrashHand, I know you like grey and nueatral,not blue skys). Shot with an Iphone5 & edited with VSCOcam.

This is a photo of the oldest building in Downtown Long Beach to showcase modern architecture. If I remember correctly, it was built in the 20's. Instead of a cityscape, I decided to look for vertical lines in dowtown Long Beach. Downtown Long Beach doesnt have a dense metropolis similar to Chicago & New York,or other cities around the world, but I recently scouted a few buidings with potential vantage points and will try to show you more of LB&LA. Shot with an Iphone & edited with VSCOcam. 

In a city where people spend a good amount of time in their cars, it's hard not to notice the vast amount of freeway infrastructure in Los Angeles. Concrete is a staple material used in urban environments and there is a precision involved with creating a freeway that fascinates me. The freeways are part of my daily visual experience and the curves and lines are everywhere. This photo was taken from a car (no I wasn't driving) on the 405 freeway headed north and the overpass is the 105 freeway. Shot with an Iphon5 and edited with VSCOcam.

This photo was shot in dowtown Long Beach around 5:15am. I woke up with photography on mind,before having coffee, and it was a great feeling. I've been to this location many times, which is called Transit Mall, but never that early in the morning. It's a little blurry, but I like the compositon. I saw an "X" shape in the frame and shot the photo. The light bouncing off of the tracks really caught my eye.I'll go back and shoot this loaction again. Shot with and iphone5 and edited with VSCOcam (without any coffee at 5:15 in the morning). 


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