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I did a very quick re-write up of my story using the format from the lectures. :)

Theme: To convey how important it is to have dreams and set out after them.

Once upon a time, there was a Technician named Stella who lived at a space station alone. She had never left since she graduated from the academy and sent out for having just average enough grades.

And every day, she manned the Lonestar space station for incoming ships, refueled and set their coordinates to the next jump through hyperspace. 

Until one day, a little alien was left behind when it didn't get back on it's transport ship in time. 

The little alien gets into trouble, touches things it isn’t supposed to, makes big messes, but is also really friendly and adorable, if a little shy and skittish. 

Though she has to send it back to where it belongs, because of this alien, she finds herself questioning things that she’d always thought were stone cold facts about her life, she doesn’t realize just how upset she is until she sends the alien on it’s own little transport. However, the alien slips off the transport ship she’d set it on before she could send the ship through. 

And because of this, she realized that she didn’t want to be alone, and that she wanted to go off and have adventures. That she wasn’t content to sit in the middle of space and just rot. 

Until finally, she got up the courage to change, to find a way to go out to the stars herself, to quit working for Lonestar and take her ship and help the alien find her way home.

And ever since that day, she’s been able to adventure to different places and make friends without feeling it necessary to be alone.


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