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Shane Ivey

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Lonesome Dove - Larry McMurtry

UPDATE 1  ******************************************************************************************************

When I heard that we were going to be making drop caps my mind immediately went to a Cormac McCarthy or Larry McMurtry novel.

I had just finished Lonesome Dove for the 5th or 6th time so I decided to go with that one.

I had originally been thinking of just the "M" in McMurtry, but it occured to me that I may have better designs if I went with "Mc" rather than just "M". I guess we'll see.

I have attached the initial brainstorm of ideas and some initial sketches that came to mind as I was brainstorming. My process is similar to Jessica's in that I write it all down (even the crappy ideas) and go back after a few days to revisit it.

A few things I have noted that I am using as a basis for my design:

  • The typeface should be a serif since san serif is more modern.
  • I want to go "beyond" cowboys and indians. Illustrate what the story is really about.
  • I DO NOT want to mistake the movie for the book. The movie is incredible, but the book is better. This may be difficult because there are so many parts of the book that stand out now because of the movie, but in the book aren't really as thematically obvious.

Here are the brainstorm words list that I made.

A couple initial concepts that popped into my head, and a few serif typefaces at the bottom.


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