Loner, rebel, freelancer

Loner, rebel, freelancer - student project

Hello, all!

My name is Brittany W-Smith. I'm forever adding new creative titles to the ol' resume, but I am mostly known for my illustration/design work.

You can find me on instagram (where I am probably showing whatever I am working on, my dogs, and/or whatever weird adventure I am on at that moment) and etsy (where I am slinging paintings of my favorite pop culture peeps and adorable pups).

The painting of mine that probably gets the most love is an oldie, but a goodie... Pee-wee!

Loner, rebel, freelancer - image 1 - student project

I painted this in 2009 when I was a tattoo apprentice and started compulsively drawing tattoos on all of my childhood faves.

I plan to add to this project once I get going with the tips from this class. In the meantime, come say hi or buy a print if the spirit moves ya!

Brittany Warner-Smith
I make weird things & make things weird