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Lonely child in Paris

Paris is living and i'm living in Paris. Charly, 24yo street walker. My Canon is my Personal Defense Weapon. Paris is inspiring me more & more everyday. From the street portrait to the night shot, i saw that this city has so many faces, here is how i tried to shoot them. No "Baguette" of bread, no wine, no cheese, just urban stories.

Street Portrait 

Paris 10th arrondissement. I've been waiting only 5 little minutes to find this guy, walking aside the pedestrian crossing, in front of a street i like because of the uncommons walls on both sides. It reminds me unconventional people who take their own way in life, without following the norms.

Look Up

Paris 15th arrondissement. "The ugly Tower" shot on a beautiful day. I like this "hated" tower because it is built in the middle of a low buildings, alone and proud. I tried to take this picture with an angle that shows how i see things : Perspectives, symmetry, reflection. Welcome to my cartesian spirit.

Motion Blur

Underground Paris. This city is well known for its big underground network. I've finally found the right settings to capture this moment clearly and show this completly different face of Paris. I also see these millions of people walking under this city, heads down. Hey, look forward and admire another world. 

Night Shot

Paris 13th arrondissement. One of my favourite place in Paris, deep perspective, nice architecture. I went there at night to see how the light goes. I just shot what i was also doing, these trhee guys standing there to take pictures. Shooters in a shot. Paris inspires people, Paris is full of photos waiting to be taken. Shoot !

I'm still walking through Paris to take another night shot, to show more of the "night aspect".

Paris is still living.

Charly G.


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