Lonely Crowd (Kuala Lumpur) | Skillshare Projects

Ridon Shishir

Photographer / Designer



Lonely Crowd (Kuala Lumpur)

I am Living in Kuala Lumpur for last 3 years. KL is lovely, it is a darling city in every prospective. But this is not about KL. It is about myself. Last 5 years I was living country to country and trying to finish my graduation. I loved photography, and I am struggling, to take photo now a day. When I go out with my camera, I feel lonely. After around 153 days more or less. I was struggle think, where I should stand. What I should take? This city now pretty close to me. But I am lonely with her. So Today I walk. I walk until my vision getting blur. And I took some photos as well. I was looking for myself. And I want find out the clue. So I took people with certain loneliness and try to see myself among them, in a bus-stop or in their work place. And Realize I am lonely in a crowd. Everyone is alone unless they initiate to find their presence.  From the frame I find out myself. So I want to share, the Lonely Crowd.












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