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James Gerus

Working on my BFA in acting at Ryerson University.




My names is Jimmy St. James, I reside in Toronto and I study Acting at Ryerson University. I've selected the story "Loneliness" from Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson.

This was the one story that really stood out and had a strong impact on me. From the get go of this story I resonatated with it beacuse I've started living on my own and can honestly say I connect with how Enoch wants to have confidence when he converses with his fellow artists yet his voice ends up sounding 'strange and squeaky to him' and it makes him stop talking, even if he disagree's with his comrades opinions.

My focus will be on the 'shadow people' or, if you will, the imaginary citizens that Enoch created and how he is much more confident around them then real people, yet he still has a desire for real flesh and blood contact.

Exerpts from "Loneliness:"

And so into the room in the evening came young Enoch's friends. There was nothing particularily striking about them except that they were artists of the kind that talk. Everyone knows of the talking artists. Throughout all of the known history of the world they have gathered in rooms and talked. They talk of art and are passionately, almost feverishly, in earnest about it. They think it matters much more than it does.


He wanted most of all the peole of his own mind, people with whom he could really talk, people he cold harangue and scold by the hour, servants, you see, to his fancy. Among these people he was always self-confident and bold. They might talk, to be sure, and even have opinions of their own, but always he talked last and best. He was like a writer busy among the figures of his brain, a kind of tiny blue-eyed king he was, in a six-dollar room facing Washington Square in the city of New York. 



A lonely old man breaks his silence and looks for sympathy as he reveals how he lost his imaginary friends. 


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