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Sarah Gebauer

I make accessible user interfaces and webcomic



Lone Wolf

So I used to do my own webcomic but stopped because fighting dysgraphia and dyspraxia is hard. For last couple of months I wanted to resurrected it from the death. This course is just an excuse to work on the concept.


I experimented with the sword position a bit. I have couple of training swords where I live now and steel one at my mother's house. The clothes is typical me.


At first I wanted to use black and white only but the sword looks weird on dark background. The color felt more natural.


I am trying yoga at the moment because I don't have a sparing partner or a group to practice fencing and because it helps after traumatic experiences to get back up one's feet. May I should have put there a howl or two because it's really painful.

When it comes to tools I used SketchBook on iPad with Wacom stylus.


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