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Lone Ranger Witch

So my idea is kind of a wild west lone rager type, but with some witchy/occult powers. Also some punk hairdos and falcons tossed in there.


Finally made time to move onto the next step! Here are my four favorite thumbnails, refined. Thanks to everybody who commented! It was helpful to know what people liked. Seems #3 was a favorite, but I decided to get rid of the magical stuff around her hand. I think I want the magic part to be very downplayed. No fireballs.


So I've been really bad about updating my progress here, but I have been working on it! I don't have much to show for the variation stage so here's a look at how the final-ish piece is turning out. I am not much for digital painting, so I went in a drawing direction instead.

I saw some images of lightning-strike scars recently, and was inspired. My character was struck by a kind of magical dark lightning, which blackened her hand and spread tendrils up her arm. I'm thinking it gives her unpredictable abilities that are sometimes awesome and sometimes inconvenient.


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