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Step 1:

I started with Riley Crans blog and doodled down some of the stuff I found that I liked, then I moved to google and jotted down shapes and objects I found interesting with Atomic Era, Space Era, and Architecture, and improvising a few of my own. 

I usually use a sketch pad but since I don't have a scanner at the moment and feel like it's about time to learn my Wacom I did it on the tablet, I decided to rock the bright orange to get me in the retro mood. 

Step 2:

I started looking at London and found some of the iconic images, and then tried to add a futuristic twist to them, mostly by making them a bit more "spacy" or curving pieces of them. I got the idea near the end to do a kind of "Anatomy of London" postcard where I draw all of the layers with the subway, trees and canal, buildings, fog, and then space where I'll have the egg building flying to the moon. 

Step 3:

Here are my sketches, I'd love to hear which ones people like the best my favorite is the "Big Ben Launch" and the one on the bottom right.

I decided to work on the bottom left one because of the simplicity and symmetry, Here's the basic outline:

I liked how it looked but I wanted some more going on so I added some buildings in the background

I really liked how this looked so I decided to play around with the color a bit

I'm still not a hundred percent on the color but I really like the last one

Here's after a bit of texturing and making the fireworks more obvious, It still feels like the buildings need something extra...

Thanks for the comments and constructive criticism. I worked on changing the top rocketship thing, adding some lines to the building, as well as making the composition as a whole a bit less busy. I'm starting to feel a bit lost, but I hope I made it better. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts. Thanks! 


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