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London in a day

I'm not sure if im a bit late to the party but firstly I just want to say Trashhand's work is pretty incredible and this class has been very helpful. For the first time i grabbed my camera and went down to Waterloo with the sole purpose of taking pictures. I started from the station and walked down to London Bridge and back.

For more pictures check out my account on Instagram (eren.insta)

  • One candid portrait

My candid portrait comes from Borough Market:


  • One image showcasing motion (utilizing blur)

While walking down to London Bridge, literally thousands of people on bikes were riding down the road, here i tried to isolate one for the motion blur shot.


  • One "look-up" shot

This look-up shot was taken near London bridge, ideally i wanted to be right under the hole but 16mm wasnt wide enough.


  • One image taken at night

Finally my night-shot is of a motion blur. The sun sets pretty late here so its dusk rather than dark night.



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