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London: The Novel, by Edward Rutherfurd


I wanted to try to have this little boat from the first chapter of London, drifting down the Thames of my map... 

Here were some previous attempts with texture etc... 

Here are the trace sheets...



Much of this story is about Family tree... perhaps using a family tree within the letter could work?

One idea was to do a hand drawn look that is remeniscent of stone carved text

Here is the Thames River again, with a bit of a blockier font, with more space for the image within. 

Other font ideas... 

Lists on the book... the earlier section anyway. 

There is a beautiful scene in the first chapter... There protagonist is a young boy in Londinos, and the village is preparing for the impending invasion of Caesar.  There is a description of a boat, with a mast of a tree trunk, upon which they keep the leaves and sprigs of branches at the top in order to honor nature.  I thought it would be nice to incorporate this imagery into the letter? 

I thought mabe the break in the cap could have a wave in it, but it looks a little too surfer-ish in this example.  Maybe another font? 


I was born in London in 1979, and moved at the age of four to the San Francisco Bay Area, where my father went to teach at Berkeley. I am a painter and designer, but In my early twenties I found myself imprisoned in a low level dead end legal career, and yearned to get back to Lonon, to see where my earliest childhood memories spawned from and re-kindle my connection with my creative self. Once the decision was made to move, my friend Drew recommended I check out 'London: The Novel'.

I did.

This is an incredible book, which weaves together the stories of a handful of family blood lines, from the Ice Age to present day in the place called London. I started reading this book several months before leaving Berkeley in 2006, and contiued for about a year, once I landed in London. Through the 1200 some odd pages, I learned how to live in the city of my birth.  The historical education I received from this book was life changing, and it stories painted a vivid picture of the place I laid my head. 

Here are some images I took on my last visit in 2012.  I forgot to mention that I am back in Cali now.  

Here is a big gun somewhere behind Buckingham Palace. 

And here, the fountains at Trafalgar Square freeze.  In the book, they talk of a time whene there was a "mini ice age" where the Thames river freezes, and actors smuggle a disassembled Globe theatre across the frozen water. Awesome! 

Here is the first sketch, using the simple letter shape with an old fashiond map filling it. 

Here is a sample of the map style I am looking at for inspiration... Wellingtons Travel - Old Style maps are amazing! 

Here is another concept route that I have been playing with in 3D.


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