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Joey Sommerville

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London Lurking

For me, this project was for me was to show London from a new perspective. I want to meet other photographers, like minded people that share the same passion I have. Some of the photos were taken already, on those i decied to wipe the slate clean when it came to the edit, taking onboard the tips learnt from trashhands lessons and tried by best to utilize the techneques. The photos where shot on a Canon 550D (not great but hey!) and then processed in Lightroom 5. If your interested in my work then check out my instagram and let me know what you think! Thank you and enjoy!

- Joey

The main things i wanted to capture to represent London were...

1. Architecture

2. Football (Soccer)

3. The Underground

4. Tunnels

5. Weather

Here is the final product of a day of wandering and expoloring.


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