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London Life

I was talking to this fella for about 30min about how big this new supereme drop is for his and his friends, " me and my mates over here have been waiting for 48 hours for this spot but if you talk to the guy at the front he told me that he had been waiting for 72 hours and is copping everycolor for him and his mates"

I had to wait for 40 minutes to finaly get a empty walk way in the Camden station, people would walk past me and take no notice of me, a few people got startled when they nearly ran into me becuase they where working from there phone.

This was actualy lucky becuase if i never left my bag on the picadilly line i would never have gotten this shot which is sort of a blessing if you look at it in that way

When I first saw this bulding it was only half finished but i came back the year later and it was finished which was sorta exciting for me because I was so intrested in this buiding and its looks and diffrent angles it could be shot at


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