Lollapalooza - student project

About myself: 
Hello! My name is Karina Duarte, I'm 23, graduated in Graphic Design. I'm from Rio, Brazil. (So, sorry for any possible misspelling...)

Event:  Lollapalooza 2013

It's an annual music festival that is about to happen in a few days at São Paulo's Jockey Club. This event consists of several bands of alternative rock, heavy metal, punk rock and hip hop, as well as dance performances, and handicrafts booths. This year's theme for the poster is ''occupy São Paulo with music''.
The word, sometimes pronounced as lollapalootza or lalapaloosa, dates back to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries of an American phrase meaning "an extraordinary or unusual thing, person, or event, an exceptional example or circumstance." Over time, the term has also refer to a large lollipop.
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Concept 1 - I wanted to represent a big event of global impact. It would be a meteorite falling in the Jockey Club, and in his wake would come the bands names. Negative points: It could be compared to a tragedy (which coincidentally happened a few days ago in Russia.)

Lollapalooza - image 1 - student project
Concept 2 - Thinking about big events, and the theme ''occupy São Paulo with music'', I figured the city full of big balloons, with speakers flying over the buildings. Negative points: My idea was to bring music to the city, but instead, could be interpreted as taking the music away.
Lollapalooza - image 2 - student project
Concept 3 - Blending the idea of music falling from the sky, and the big festival of colorful balloons bringing music, came the idea of parachutes with musicians and instruments coming into town.
Lollapalooza - image 3 - student project
Stroke styles and colors
Lollapalooza - image 4 - student project
Jockey Club São Paulo
Lollapalooza - image 5 - student project
Lollapalooza - image 6 - student project
Concept 3 in a different composition 
Lollapalooza - image 7 - student project