Logos Meet Food: Techniques to Creating an Effective Minimalist Culinary Logo


Your goal is to make a culinary based logo that will have an equal blend of typography and minimalist illustration.  With this class, you’ll learn to create a logo from scratch using effective techniques that will help your logo become versatile.  We’ll also go through creating a vector of the logo on Illustrator.  Basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop is recommended, but if you’re just starting out, no problem!  Step-by-step instructions make this class easy to follow.

We’ll start off by:

  • Word mapping (to get the creative juices flowing)
  • Doing several sketches for inspiration
  • Using “The Quarter Rule” to decide on a final look
  • Open our logo sketch in Adobe Illustrator
  • Create a vector of the logo



Upload your new logo to the Project Gallery for feedback from me as well as your fellow students.  The final submission should be:  

    • Your word map
    • Your sketches
    • Your final sketch next to a quarter
    • Your vectorized logo

To see full video outline, click here.

I'm open to any feedback! Thank you, and I am looking forward to teaching this class!


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