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Logos Exegesis

You should know from the beginning, I'm not an illustrator, typographer or schooled in any of these fields. I draw and illustrate for creative inspiration in my writing and spiritual reflection. I'm a pastor, and I like to use a process I call artistic exegesis, where I discover scripture or a theological question through art. This is my first skillshare class, and I was inspired by the idea of taking a deeper look at a phrase or word through how it is expressed in the letters. Plus I think lettering is really fun;)

I set out to do a sermon series on three words which I would feature in Hebrew, Greek and English, and explore how a deeper understanding of the words brings a deeper understanding of God's Word for us. When I approached the first word, Word, I tried to choose a central picture involving the word in English, Hebrew and Greek, and a phrase from the old and New Testament using those words, and incorporate it all into the whole project. By the end of the project, I felt like the whole phrases were too much, but as I approached each word, I utilized the steps for the class, and I'll share what I did here.

I did most of my drawings on the iPad in Paper 53, Adobe Ideas, or Photoshop Touch. I'll post my brainstorming of words, storyboards, lettering exercises, sketches and final projects here. Please feel free to share your comments and I hope the other amateurs feel free to share your projects as well. All the posted projects look so professional! Thanks you Skillshare for creating a supportive community for share and learning new skills and thank you Mary Kate for sharing your talents and process!

Word words in brainstorming

message, law, rule, speech, speaking, creation, seed, mustard seed

I enjoyed looking at seed packets and lettering styles for Greek and used several of these pins for inspiration:

Lettering exercises and sketches

As I was putting it all together, I took another Skillshare class on Calligraphy. This was incredibly helpful to fill the extra words, but if more time sufficed, I would have liked to letter more words. Since sermons are very time sensitive, I let go of something's I would have refined with more time, like for instance the color scheme and the placement of leaves and the mustard plant. Here is my finished project and a second copy put through a filter to improve the color scheme.

Here is my "homework" and and a selection of inspiration for the other two drawings I did in my series. Thanks, again, Mary Kate!


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