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Logo stamps

This is a fun class. I have two logos I would like to use for stamps for this class. The first I have used for years in a computer-generated version for my original greeting cards. I used a heart design in the background, which I color-coordinate with each card, with "Cards by Snuggs" in black over it. Here are two different fonts I used. My preferred one is not on my new computer but at one time or another I used these, one is blackadder, the other the much maligned but wonderfully readable comic sans.


The design had to be modified for a stamp because the letters could not be on top of the heart. 

Here is what I came up with.


My second logo is kind of a joke. I have always thought about making movies and have joked that the name of my production company would be "I Havidon Beta" because myfirst video player was a Beta and I had every movie, TV show, short I liked that was hard to find in the Beta format. Many of these were no longer available when I tried to replace them. 

I want to use an eye with a Greek capital Beta as the pupil with "Havidon" making the eyelashes. Here are some drafts.




Still working on this logo and want to wait to order until I have both stamps ready.

Here's the current status of the production company stamp.


Am debating whether I want to go back and make the "H" lashes a little longer. Line length for all the lashes are the same but am wondering if first letter should look more capped. Suggestions?  

Final draft for I Havidon Beta stamp. Hoping it will work.


That uploaded looking strange. May have to edit more.

At LAST! Stamps of my logos have been ordered!! 

Finally back and stamps were in mail.

The Havidon stamp isn't always as clear as I'd like. The uneven surface of the padded envelope made it uneven but it shows up well on the plain envelope.



I suspect a diferent type of ink pad might help.


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