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Logo for the ice cream shop "ice in luck" (Eis im Glück)

Hello, I am Elisaweta Sliwinska.

Here is my portfolio: www.sliwinska.de

Sorry but English is not my first language, and not the second...:) But I would be happy to be in this Class.

So. My idea is to create a logo for an ice cream shop names "ice in happiness." In german - "Eis im Glück". This ice cream shop really exists. The special thing is, that they also offer extraordinary kinds like red beets ice or beer ice except ordinary ice creams. Moreover this ice cream is vegan and made ​​from natural foods. This should all be best seen in the logo.

The logo should also have an ice cream icon. Because you should shortly see from the other side of the street what kind of a store is it.

1) collecting inspiration

2. Sketch my ideas

select some of them

3. Digitize my sketch


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