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Logo for my friend

Hi everyone!

This is exiting :) I took the class right about when it came out and I must say really good introduction! It got me hooked anyways and I have really been practicing lettering since then.


So I have alredy made the drills with L:s and O:s so i figured i would just pick letters out of the namne I'm working with.

As you can se I have two different B:s to work with. Dont know yet wich one to use but i guess the composition later can give me a hint on wich way to go here.

See you with more pics of my progress later on!


Here we go! I've been working on a rough sketch  and found some interesting parts to play with.

Thought I also sholud get you some info of this project:

So it is my friend who have got this beautiful long name that originates from the old Persian laguage. It's really common that Persian names has some kind of meaning and her name basically means "dew" wich I found to be amazing and cool. I will try my best to get that story in there with the composition!


I get the thing that you start out with a simple pen doing single lines. This works for me as a way to not get into those fine details too early, but as you can se I tend to go back and do some filling for a prewievw on how it will look later on... I guess I'm a little impatient :)


This is a closeup on the one I did when I came up with wave-ish leaning of the two ligatures. Thought that would be cool to keep.


Aside from the wavish thingy I found that i could really match the letters to three reoccuring lines with the same angle.


So this is the first name. We'll se how it evolves from this! :)

There's going to be a full name logo so now the challenge lies in to get her surename to blend in smoothly.



Finally the surname fell into place! This refined sketch helped me alot to make out some of the final details before getting into vectorizing. I did this to keep it analog as long as possible as I find myself more awake and flexible in this part of the process. Staring at screens pulling anchorpoints for too long makes me a little dull actually.


and a couple hours later: KAH-BAM!

The "DATING SERVICES"-thing is due to her constantly match-making and social puppet master-skills. She has tried to set me up with a friend more than once so i figured she earned it. Perhaps she could use it as a business card for the upcoming valentines day!

This has been really fun thanks for your great class Matt!


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