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Logo for metal forming company

Hi Genevieve,

I'm currently studying Industrial Design in Melbourne, Australia. I do a little freelance in my spare time. Recently, my dad has asked me to redesign his company logo, Kein Hing Industries. His company is situated in Malaysia; it is a manufacturing, or to be more specific,a metal forming company. The company produces metal parts, mainly for home appliances. 

The target audience is clients who require metal parts for their products. Currently, the company's clients include SONY, Panasonic, Canon, Denso, Honda and Honeywell.

Here are my swipes:


My dad has requested the use of blues, greens or purples as they represent safety colours. 


I really like the low poly idea as the texture of the font or icon. I think the low poly gives a nice 3D effect as well as representing the characteristics of metal forming; the bending of metal.


I like the futuristic and technological look of these types. 



I like the concept of triangles as they represent the movement of metal forming/stamping machines. The movement of the machine just going up and down stamping. I played around with traingles and arrows and came up with the abstract idea above. 

I also played around with cubes because I think they represent the huge operating machines that we see in a metal forming factory.

I also played around with the type.

I tried adding a roof to represent the idea of a factory or industry. I quite like this idea.


Update: Saturday, February 22




Below are some of the variations I made of no. 1 and 3 above:

Update: Monday, February 24



Update: Sunday, March 2


Outline vs Filled-in

I fixed up the line weights and spacing and came up with another two variations of Logo Option 1. 

Original and Variation 1 against coloured background:


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