Logo for a concert series in Chicago

Logo for a concert series in Chicago - student project

During an Entrepreneurship and Music class I began working on a classical music concert series that will take place this summer in Chicago. I enrolled in this Skillshare class to learn how to create visual content for my website and marketing/promotional materials. I'm also hoping to create a logo for my personal website.

Neither websites are live yet, but they will be here:




Logo for a concert series in Chicago - image 1 - student project

Logo for a concert series in Chicago - image 2 - student project

It's been a busy week at school, but I finally got to sit down and work on this. Four pages of sketches later, this is what I came up with!

I like the shape of the triangular prism and the text going around it. The bottom-left sketch has a few ideas for how to make it obvious that this is a music concert series, but i might not go with that just to keep things simple.

Not 100% sure what font I'll use for the text. I've gotta play around with that some more. Anysuggestions and comments would be appreciated!


Logo for a concert series in Chicago - image 3 - student project

Well, this is long overdue--I'm not very good at meeting deadlines and school just got out! But, after much help from a friend who knew more of the ins and outs of Illustrator and Indesign, here is the final product! You can see it in its home at thomasleepiano.wix.com/prism. Now it's time to work out the final details of the website. For anyone who's been following, this classical music concert series begins June 15, at 2pm! Check out the website for more details.

Thomas Lee

Pianist based in Chicago/Appleton, WI