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Logo for Kopi Co.

Logo for a specialty coffee company a few friends are launching. It's based in NYC but the coffee will come from a mountain region in Indonesia. There will be a premium variety which is a wild civet coffee and a couple of mid-range "everyday" gourmet coffees. It will be sold to specialty groceries and stores, coffee shops and individuals.

The target market are mainly 23-45yr old professionals with above average to high income. They likely live in one of the bigger cities or places with an active coffee culture. They are adventurous, early adopters who don't mind splurging on quality food on occassion. They know about coffee and are concerned about its quality, origin and the ethics of how it is produced.

The logo should convey luxury, quality, and also have a little bit of a modern feel. The style and color palette must be unique enough compared to the competition so that the packaging will stand out when displayed on store shelves.

SWIPES (please click on the "slideshow" button on the top left corner after the link)
1. Typography: http://share.cx.com/WKmkbv
2. Icons: http://share.cx.com/ZBFM7R
3. Color: http://share.cx.com/ZVpGpd
4. Composition: http://share.cx.com/dMB9SC
5. Concepts:

a. "Animals" : http://share.cx.com/nNPdTC
- the civet is the main product plus can also be used as a symbol that the beans are quality picked.

b. "Ethnic + all about the tree": http://share.cx.com/dTHVnL
- focuses on the bean origin: indonesia; mountains, coffee tree imagery;

c. "Hipster Retro Coffee": http://share.cx.com/hwRctx
- focus is on the company ownership - that it's a NY/Brooklyn-based company; Handmade-feel;

d. "Old-world": http://share.cx.com/sCCMtJ
- A play of the company name and trading from East to West in the colonial era;

Here are my updated rough logos -- I haven't thought about the type or the lockup too much yet, so please consider these placeholders. I just wanted to get some feedback on the style of the cat.



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