Logo designing - Designing a combination mark and adding meaningful relations.

Logo designing - Designing a combination mark and adding meaningful relations. - student project

Class description:

In this Skillshare class we will be walking across the process of designing a combination mark by conjoining the meaningful reflections that holds a certain ideology, to be articulated in a way so that client can see some value in it rather than perceiving it just as an another abstraction to stick it for a commercial enterprise. 

What are Combination marks:

Combination marks are the division of the logos or emblems, potentially composed of typography and pictorial representation. Sometimes it is under-framed to make it appear more geometrical. While consenting all these factors the combination marks project an advantage when it comes to artistic freedom.

It's peachy and obedient to have a layout but sometimes it's just a lot of fun to start with no content of cognition and improvise a way until something amazing surfaced up. 

What's wrapped in the class:

  • General bit by bit process of designing a subjected logo as synoptic in the picture. 
  • Along with an entire process, I will attempt to my possibility to explain the client's thought process and why it's important to know what potentially the client is expecting to receive. 
  • After completion we will get into segment of color correction and color grading the logo, in order to make it look more appealing. 
  • And lastly to Export the final product with a specific demand. 

What's needed:

Although I would explain necessarily basic steps when it's vital. But a basic knowledge of vector art and photo editing would be super cool. I will use Adobe illustrator and Photoshop, but if you have the prior knowledge of using any other equivalent programs, you should be able to follow along because the process is not extremely software specific. 

That's all for description. See you in class!!! :)