Logo design for Studio Viskom | Design & Illustration

Logo design for Studio Viskom | Design & Illustration - student project

Hi everyone!

My name is Nanda, I'm from The Netherlands. And at this moment I'm fine tuning my business plan. I've written a complete bookwork so many questions were easy to answer ;-) 
My business will enhance graphic & web design, illustration and content management.

The name I chose for my company is "Studio Viskom". It's VISual COMmunication mixed together with a Dutch twist, Viskom is a fishbowl in Dutch. And I want to deliver clear (like water) visual communication, there are so many fish in the sea but one in a bowl stands out and is clearly visible.

To create a brand for a client is something I really love to do. But for myself, it's a nightmare.
I'm my own worst client, picky on every pixel.


I did the Mind Dump really fast, in a minute or so. Just to not overthink myself.

Logo design for Studio Viskom | Design & Illustration - image 1 - student project



I've had a great variety of clients over the last years when I worked for design agencies. But for now as a freelancer I want to focus on entrepreneurs and small businesses, who are open minded.



- What do I sell?

Graphic & Web Design, Illustrations and Content Management

- What three words best describe me?

Creative, organized, loyal

- What three words best describe my business?

Professional, clear, creative

- What three words best describe my style?

Clear, creative, versatile

- What are my favorite brands?

Muji - Nur Design Studio - HEMA 

- What's my customers emotional response to my brand... and the brand experience?

Satisfied, professional and personal, helpful

- Where do I see my business in...1 Year?

Gaining clients, completed brand and determine with creative direction I would like to expand

- ...5 Years?

Established and gaining clients, working with a publisher, having long projects, determined direction

- ...10 Years?

Established clients, working with a publisher, having long projects, illustration projects

- Who is my ideal customer/client?

(Open-minded) entrepreneurs and small businesses

- What's my brand name?

Studio Viskom



- My brand name:

Studio Viskom

- What I do/sell:

Graphic & Web Design - Illustrations - Content Management

- How I position myself in the market in terms of pricing

Middle class

- My target market:

entrepreneurs and small businessess

- Three words that best describe my brand and products:

clear, visual, creative

- Existing logos I like and why:

Muji - Calvin Klein - and more. I like clean minimal logos

 - My competitors are:

Other graphic and web designers 

- Color preferences:

Grey, blue and mustard yellow


Now I'm going to restyle my first concept and show you the results later.

Thanks for this great class, hopping over to the new class now.


Nanda Van Bokkem-Kapitein
Graphic Designer - Illustrator