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John Somers

Visual designer



Logo design DeliCroatia

For this class I'm gonna design a logo for DeliCroatia, it's a shop for premium deli products of Croatia. I'm gonna create the logo with this quote:

"DeliCroatia offers high quality Croatian products made by small typical Croatian manufacturers. These products are produced on an crafted, loving way."

The target group are Croatian people who live in Holland and everyone who likes the Croatian deli.

After a briefing I've created this stylecard for my concept of the logo:

After that I've created a moodboard with the words Deli, Croatia, Premium, Craft, Traditional and Quality.

Because DeliCroatia is gonna sell a lot of different products I want to create a typographic logo. For the brand identity I want to mix the logo with crafted graphics. With this moodboard I've created these sketches:

Number 8 is my favorite sketch because it's crafted, premium, traditional and it exudes quality. Which one do you like?

Thanks for the feedback. Me and my client have chosen number 8 to work out and this is the result after some redrawings en rendering in illustrator:

The diverence with the sketches are the cross at the top, it's a traditional Croatian mark. And a part of the Croatian flag at the bottom of the logo. That will be a part of the brand identity.

And here are the variants of the logo to use when you have a dark background or not enough space for the whole logo:

After some last tweaks this is my final logo:

Do you like the final logo?


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