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Logo color design!

I decided to choose a different project for this assignment.  It's a logo design that I'm playing around with.  I've got mostly everything down pact, however the one thing that's throwing me off is the color.  Just 3 colors, very simple, but it's a headache.

For context with the design, it is a logo for a website called "Gifting Hero", and I worked the letters around to make a bit of a superhero insignia.  I really want to emphasize the eyes towards the negative space, both with the shapes and hopefully with the proper use of color, without throwing the eyes in for a loop.

This was the original color scheme that I went for.  I chose yellow for a bit more of a spotlight effect, and also figured it would help bring out the negative space of the box a bit.  Red was, well, the choice that my friend made, and I adjusted the saturation and brightness accordingly.  

This was my first attempt using the color theory that I've learned, toying around with the hues, saturation, and brightness for the G and H.  Used the split complementary with the yellow and purple, and the green was used as a way of introducing the quadratic harmony into the equation.  

Played with the triatic colors for this scheme.

Quadratic Harmony

Aanother experiment with quadratic harmonies:

Any suggestions or likes?


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