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Logo and Watermark for Wedding Band Company

I make eco-friendly bespoke wedding bands, and have been working on branding and logo design for my business. 

Aide–mémoire Jewelry - www.aidememoirejewelry.com

Handmade in Seattle. Custom eco-friendly and ethical men's and women's wedding rings, in gold, palladium, and silver. Dedicated to marriage equality and eco-conscious practices.

________________________________________ 4/8/13

I've been working on the logo design for a few weeks now, and have somthing that I feel ok about, but isn't fantastic. I also would like to created a watermark or smaller containded logo for a stamp, stickers and to use on my ring boxes. Even though I've already created a logo and decided on fonts, I'm going to start over with some sketches this week. 

________________________________________ 4/9/13

Since my I primarily make men's wedding bands, but my customers are 70% women, I want something that is gender neutral leaning toward feminine. I orginally decided on the Monte Carlo font because I liked the all the options with the swashes, and I wanted a script font that seemed wedding-ish. I also choose Orator because my brand name is French and that font reminded me of a font that you would find on French ephemera. 

In working on the sketches today I was thinking about how a lot of people have difficulty knowing how to pronounce my brand name. I was thinking of the video that Evan posted where he talks about heirarchy. I decided that I wanted to accentuate the Memoire part and down play the Aide. I based the M on the Monte Carlo font, but there are aspects of that Monte Carlo M that I don't like, so hopefully I will learn in this class how to alter the M. Or maybe I need to make my own M? I'm not sure. Since that is all beyond my current Illustrator skills. 

Now that I've started sketching off the computer I can see how static my previous logo is. I'm most interested in the ones with the asterisks, but I welcome any and all feedback.

________________________________________ 4/12/13

I worked on a few more sketches. Nothing that I'm totally crazy about. A graphic designer friend made some really convincing arguments for me to do a one color logo. That means the logo I was leaning towards is out. I also started watching the first video and playing around in illustrator. I've been trying to make the M look like it did in that one drawing. I think it still needs some work. 


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