Logo WIP

Very much a work in progress. The luggage tag needs tidying up and I'm not sure about the 'Attic', in fact not totally sure about any of it! The original idea had been to do 'Attic' in the same large capital font as 'Mrs Lacer's' but the Ts and the I looked far too similar to each other and it wasn't totally legible.

Mrs Lacer's Attic (just realised I should be putting a dot behind the Mrs, or should I?) is (or will be) a craft brand, so I want the logo to look 'hand made' but I also want it to look professional and right now I think it's looking too much on the hand made side and nowhere near professional.

Great course so far, it wasn't until I sat down and started on my logo did I realise exactly how hard it is, specially the Ss!


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