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Logo Stamp

When I took this class I really wanted to be able to make a stamp of my own logo.  The problem was I didn't have a logo yet and I totally had an artist's block on what to do.  

I ended up taking another class here on skillshare on making your own business card (which I would also want a logo for) run by Jon Brommet which inspired me to come up with the logo I have now.  

Here are some of the initial sketches:


And here's the finished logo:


Of course as soon as I was done the business card I knew I had to make it into a stamp!  So I came back here and watched the class again.  Rubberstamps.net was such a good resource!  They had a deal for free shipping over a certain amount so I decided to get a few more little drawings made into stamps as well.  They came super fast and were such good quality I was really surprised since the price is pretty low.  I also liked how they etched the design in the back of the wood mounting - very neat!

Here's the logo:



And then this was a drawing of Hedwig I did for acrylic charms I made a few years ago.  I plan to use her on the outside of envelopes I send :)


And the last one I got made was my favorite of a series of cupcakes I drew last year for a wrapping paper pattern.  I think she's super cute :)


I'm very, very happy with how everything came out - thanks so much for the class! 


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