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Logo Redsign & MoodBoards

I decided to redesign my logo. I knew when I created it that it still needed a lot of work, but decided that I had to put some form of branding out there, so I can begin to brand myself in someway. I am now ready to revisit it, and create a logo that makes more sense and reflects the qualities, characteristics, and essence of what I do and am. 

I created the logo with the idea that it would be used for multiple purposes. Being that I colloborate with various proffesionals across different industries I wanted the logo to be able to adapt and colloborate across different platforms, profucts, and collatoral. ie; websites, social media sites, apprarel, products, packaging. 


Age: 26-50, Gender: Male & Female, Income: 60k+, Education: Bachleors Degree+, 2+ years top tier college experience, or 8+ yrs professional work experience, Locale: Urban & SubUrban, Other: Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Executives 


Problem-solving, Creative process, Design-thinking, Professional devleopment techniques for business development


  1. Concept: http://pinterest.com/carlossebastian/concept-moodboard-for-carlos-sebastian-guzman-bran/
  2. Typography: http://pinterest.com/carlossebastian/typography-moodboard-for-carlos-sebastian-guzman-b/
  3. Layout: http://pinterest.com/carlossebastian/layout-moodboard-for-carlos-sebastian-guzman-brand/
  4. Color: http://pinterest.com/carlossebastian/color-moodboard-for-carlos-sebastian-guzman-brandi/
  5. Icons: http://pinterest.com/carlossebastian/icons-moodboard-for-carlos-sebastian-guzman-brandi/

I asked a few associates, colleagues, and friends to decribe me in two words. Then I profiled them based on the criteria given to us by Genevieve. 

  • Person 1- Age: 32, Gender: M, Education: Masters Guidance Couseling & Entreprenuer, Income: 60k, Locale: Urban, Words used to describe me: Loyal, Supportive
  • Person 2Age: 34, Gender: F, Education: Bachleors & Business Owner, Income: 60k, Locale: Urban, Words used to describe me: Innovative, Faciliator
  • Person 3Age: 40, Gender: M, Education: High School & Business Owner, Income: 50k, Locale: Urban, Words used to describe me: Mad Professor, Master Planner, Master Biz Planner
  • Person 4Age: 38, Gender: F, Education: MBA Marketing & Executive, Income: 100k, Locale: Sub-Urban, Words used to describe me: Intuitive, Facilitator
  • Person 5Age: 30, Gender: F, Education: Masters PA, Income: 68k, Locale: Sub-Urban, Words used to describe me: Mysterious, Reserved
  • Person 6Age: 28, Gender: M, Education: 3+ yrs college experience, Income: 40k, Locale: Urban, Words used to describe me: Inspirational, Empowering
  • Person 7Age: 28, Gender: F, Education: 2+ yrs college experience, Income: 45k, Locale: Urban, Words used to describe me: Creative, Apdaptive 

Lastly, here is a mood board I had created a couple a months ago of how I would take my portraits for my website.


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