Logo Redesign for the science and engineering company

As you can see the logo below, this is the logo of a science/engineering company that produces laser equipments for the lab work. The current logo is outdated and not sophisticated, so I'd like to redesign it to give a modern and simple feeling.


**Company value:  innovative. value. young. neutral. 

**Demographic: men and women / ages 20-60/ over college educated(students, researchers)/ mixed locale( global)

**Mood Boards:  

   -Color : http://pinterest.com/agirlinthezoo/color-board/

   -Icon : http://pinterest.com/agirlinthezoo/icon-board/

   -Typography : http://pinterest.com/agirlinthezoo/typography-board/

   -Concept : http://pinterest.com/agirlinthezoo/concept-board/     

   -Composition : http://pinterest.com/agirlinthezoo/composition-board/




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