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Rebecca Loomis

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Logo: Rebecca Loomis Media

I am in the process of designing a logo for myself, and I may not end up using this one but I was so happy with how easily I was able to create it, using the tools provided in this class. Thanks again, Brad, for making Illustrator more accessible!

Here's a bit about the design. I wanted to combine an anchor with sails, a paradox of stability and movement, to symbolize that the photography and various media I create is grounded in truths that transcend trends, but are also ever moving forward to reach new heights and adapt to the times. The three sails symbolize Plato's three transcendentals: goodness, truth, and beauty. The top of the anchor combined with the sails create a lighthouse, to symbolize what I hope to accomplish with my work: to bring light into a darkened world. I believe that the goodness, truth and beauty contained in art and storytelling can change the world for the better. It can lift the soul to its creator and bring joy and hope amid anguish; and that's what I strive to do with everything I create. 

Other thoughts: it's very top-heavy. I'm trying to find a way to change that while keeping the sails looking like a lighthouse. Also I have yet to choose colors and incorporate the text, but I'll probably save that for another project.



I wasn't completely satisfied with my logo, so I reworked it a little and ended up with this. I've decided to use it for my official logo and am quite happy with it!



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