Logo Project

I'm working on the logo for my baking business. I enjoyed lesson 3 and 4 and I have question...A lot of cake and cupake and cookie businesses use cute colors and icons of cupcakes. I'm trying to think through pushing past that, particularly since from the Defining my Brand exercise I said I wanted to focus on creating memories. So, I would like my logo to focus on experience versus product. I found a few photos that inspire me, I'm thinking of icon that looks like a stylize hand holding or handing over a cupcake. The other idea was something expressing the joy of eating a baked good (pictures to the right). Either would need to be simple and stylized.

would a gift box be too cliche? My other thought was a stylized rose but I wondered if that was cliche as well...thoughts?

I also put some stylized logos that feature negative space in this file.


Sweet Buttercream Treats

What do I sell? A curated collection of crafted cookies as well as buttercream-iced cupcakes and cakes in boutique flavors.

How do I position myself in terms of pricing? Market consistent.

Target Market? Segments of Mass Affluent and young professionals

3 words that best describe my brand and products? Thoughtful, delightful and delicious

Existing Logos I like and why? Sweetsugarbelle  - simply and to the point, great use of the decorator bag. starbucks - successful and simplified use of icongraphy; intelligentsia - clean and simple.

Competitors - there are a number of bake shops in my area that focus on cupcakes. Not many do cookies. A new shop just opened by me that offers some decorated cookies.

Color preferences - grapefruit, buttercream and a cobalty blue palette.

Budget - I will design logo myself




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