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Logo - Living in Paris - color palette

It was really interesting for me to play around with color palette. :)

I was going to different directions - from too childish, too obvious until I liked colors that I mixed up.

Here you can see:

Since they want simple logo, I modified Eiffel tower and choose to use just 2 colors in the logo.
There is a "flag logo style" that is simple and made by 2 colors:

I liked the flow of this logo, but I didn't want to use flag colors (plus, it remindes me on "Underground" logo - colors), so I wanted to find colors between, not too adult, not too childish, not flag ones + I remember macarons ( I bet that every person, every child loves it ), even though it's not a fashion thing, but it will be useful in creating color pallete.

So, here it is - my "Living in Paris" logo:


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