This is a logline for an idea I am currently writing for a book. I thought I'd try writing a logline for it, as it might help with maybe publishing my book one day (at some point, maybe). 


Two women are trying to figure out why they are being targeted by an organization of religious extremists. Only to find out that they must trust each other and the people around them to get their lives back. 



- A 28 years old woman, who lived her entire life in a monastery

- She doesn't know much about the world. 

- She doesn't easily trust. 


- She wants to get her life back, a life of her own choosing. 

- She wants to bury her past. 


- She is pursued by her past, who is trying to force her into a life she does not want. 

- She can not carve her way through the thick layer of lies she had been taught about her self.


Thank you for your time:)