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Log Lines (Lincoln Log Style)

1. When an innocent, ambitious girl begins a relationship with a confident, intelligent, mysteriously attractive man who takes her to a remote island date, the couple gets stranded and the woman must figure out if she can trust him, or else her affections may be won through his careful strategizing and manipulation and fall into his evil plans. 

2. When a middle school is mysteriously shutdown in the middle of the school year due to a video that shows a group of kids kidnapping the principal, the kids must band together and use their quirky skills and talents to find the culprits that framed them, or else they will be sentenced to some hard time. 
3. When a eccientrically talented, blissful idiot, college dropout is enjoying a morning poo and runs out of toilet paper, he must use all his college education and venture out into the wilds of normal society in order to obtain a fresh roll, or else he will have to face embaressment and be forced to clean up his act in accordance to his parents' wishes. 
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