Log Cabin

Log Cabin - student project

Hi everybody! Being in San Francisco and listening to all the sirens blaring around, I figured it'd be nice to write some words that remind me of quiet. I hit upon something that stuck out to me, so I started sketching a log cabin high above and away from the daily commotion of urban life.

Log Cabin - image 1 - student project

I'm subpar at sketching but found a composition that pleased me, with the cabin being in the foreground off to the side, and a very crude illustration of the city behind it. I had another drawing of this composition but ended up settling for the simplicity of this one. Also, I enjoyed the chaotic overlaying the city in the background conveyed with the image above. Compared to the city backdrop, I felt the cabin now was too detailed so I went to work on making it more in line with the background. Tons of cabin sketched ahoy!

Log Cabin - image 2 - student project

I haven't combined the two yet into another sketch, but think this is a right step since I want to learn more about applying textures, shadows and colors to my illustration. Too much detail on these elements and I might box myself into a corner. Thanks for reading.