Lodou po svete

Lodou po svete - student project

Lodou po svete - image 1 - student projectLodou po svete - image 2 - student projectLodou po svete - image 3 - student project

1. Cartagena, Columbia - This photo perfectly sums up two sides of Cartagena. On the one hand, it is colourful and magically beautiful old town, on the other is so much and so annoying tourism. Those ladies, like many others, let people photograph them only for money.

2. Hotel National, Havana, Cuba - I don't like the quality of this picture, it is too bright, and the little vehicle I wanted to capture is kind off lost. I like its dynamic, how the palm trees make the "car" move. It is just perfect to describe how much I enjoyed Havana.

3. Cameo factory, Roatan, Honduras - stone carving.I'm proud of this picture, because I think I managed to capture the detail as beautifully as this artist did his sculptures.