Lodge Your Dog

Lodge Your Dog - student project

What We Do:

We run a website for dog owners to connect to dog sitters.

How Does it Work?

A dog sitter creates a profile explaining their experience, passion and caring nature for dogs. A dog owners searches for a sitter in their area, and can review all dog sitters near them based upon ratings, testimonials, images of their homes and the sitters personal statement/details.

The whole booking takes place on the website and as part of the transaction we insure the dog sitter and the dog owner, as well as providing a suite of further benefits to ensure a wonderful dog sitting experience. We then take a fixed % of the total price to cover the costs of insurance and the further benefits, and that is our primary source of revenue. 

Who are our Market?

We are not restricted to the typical 40+ female professional dog sitter, as our site opens up the part-time and more flexible dog sitting market, ideal for people looking for casual dog sitting on weekends, such as younger city livers. 

Looking for a comparison?

www.DogVacay.com and www.Rover.com are two examples of US based sites that have a very similar service and product. Both have gained strong traction, and both have been funded extensively. 


1) Our sign up funnel is long and has lots of steps required for validation that are necessary to ensure that we can fulfil on the insurance. Getting people through stages such as proof of identiity creates drop offs.

2) Identifying potential casual dog sitters, and ensoouraging them to believe this is something for them. You do not need to be a professional dog sitter, so we are looking for owners, previous owners, people with experience who have no time to care for their own dog full-time. These people are hard to identify, without just targeting all dog owners.