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Loco Popo - Take-away Burritos

Thanks Dominic!

Before I get into the details, I'd like to extend a big thank you to Dominic for taking the time to create this class and give all of the designers constructive feedback on their designs. Just seeing that alone motivated me to share my project and process.


A friend of mine will be opening a Mexican burrito restaurant here in Tokyo and asked me to come up an identity for the restaurant including a logo and font. I stumbled across this course coincidentally, and although the project guide calls for a fictional restaurant, I decided to use this opportunity for my project.

Client Requests

The name of the restaurant is Loco Popo, named after the client’s dog Popo, which he requested that I incorporate into the logo. The theme of the restaurant is offering a simple, fast, healthy lunch option in the day and a bar/restaurant at night and the client wanted a design that could communicate these things in a fun way. Finally, given the cultural differences and how Japan is very responsive to cute, playful illustrations, the client also wanted these aspects incorporated into the logo.

When I first met with the client, he requested a robot pinata dog with a mustache and sombrero. Needless to say, I quickly guided him away from this idea towards something a little more realistic. Looking back, this was a good experience and something I’m sure I’ll continue to encounter as I take on more projects.


I began by looking at illustrations of dogs using Gestalt principles. I then went on to look at Mexican restaurant logos and color schemes (not pictured). Majority of restaurants seem to use a variation on brown, yellow, orange, red and green. It was helpful seeing which color schemes I liked and which I didn’t, and this greatly helped me later in choosing a hue for my final colors.

Mind Map & Sketches

I found the mind map helpful in coming up with ideas for early sketches, and this is definitely a technique that I’ll be implementing more. As I’m not very good at drawing, I used a combination sketching on paper and in illustrator.


Once I determined the angle that I wanted to use to portray the dog, I began making refinements in things like the eyebrows, ears, whiskers, etc. Most of these were pretty minor refinements, but they were things that I felt improved the logo and helped communicate what the restaurant is about. I feel like the straight whiskers help to promote a sleek, quick feel, while the round eyes are simple and similar in shape to the “O”s used in “LOCO POPO”. The color scheme proved tricky as I really wanted to keep it simple and stylish while also having the colors convey warmth.

First Draft

Here is my first draft. Any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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