Laura Bergells




Locker Room Tales

When you work out at a gym, you regularly see weird, funny, and annoying stuff. 

Everyone has at least one goofy locker room tale to tell.

Here's the idea:

A Tumblr site where everyone can enter their funny gym story: it can be a humorous essay, a witty observation, a photo, or a video. People will upvote the funniest entries. The entry with the most upvotes 'wins' the Funniest Gym Rat of the Week award. 

To begin the site, we'll need to seed it with YOUR funny-witty-strange gym observations. 

To get eyeballs to the site, you'll also need to point your Twitter/Facebook friends to your funny entry, and encourage them to upvote your post so that you win the "Funniest Gym Rate of the Week" award.

If you'd like to participate, you need to:

--Post your funny story at the tumblr (yet to be named/created)

--Be willing to point your friends to the stories your like the best.

--Ask your Gym Rat friends to post their funny stories at the site


--Maybe you'd like to be the one to design the "Gym Rat of the Week" award.

--Or maybe you'd like to brainstorm a funnier, more memorable name than "Locker Room Tales".

Who's with me on this?

Enter your name or funny stories/videos below to get started.

And since Skillshare messaging is kind of wonky, please feel free to connect with me on Twitter. I'm @maniactive 



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